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San Francisco is getting new public trash bin enclosures. There are a few designs up for consideration. I visited one design today. It just plain didn't work. When folks tried to throw out their trash, it fell outside the bin (but inside the enclosure).

bottom of a trash enclosure with labeled trash: cups lids bags

You might wonder: How did this design make it so far through the approval process? This is under the purview of one of the city departments under FBI investigation for bribery and corruption. So… I guess that this enclosure's manufacturer hoped to bribe the right people; sell the city these shiny-but-broken-by-design things; then make even more money selling the city some kind of retrofit-trash-funnel in a few years.

Silver lining: I got to exercise my old-school image meme skills labeling this picture for the city's trash enclosure survey. (Yes, I installed the Microsoft Impact font on my Linux machine, and it was so I could make images like this.)

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