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I'm feeling lucky. Just days after I figured out how to extract a list of titles of well-known movies and TV shows from IMDB data, today's Toddle puzzle category is movie titles.

Toddle challenges you to guess a word or phrase. It tells you a category and gives you a few letters. E.g., today it says "Movie: ZONE". The ZONE means that the letters …Z…O…N…E… appear in the answer in that order. If you don't guess correctly, then you get to choose a letter; the game will either add that letter to an appropriate spot in ZONE or else tell you that the letter doesn't occur in the answer-phrase.

There are tools that let you search text files for patterns like …Z…O…N…E…; I use grep. If I'm looking through possibilities from my plain ol' phrase list, I have to slog past a lot of amaZON rivEr and piZza stONE before I see a movie title. But now that I have a list of just-titles, I don't have to slog so much.

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