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A little model house appeared in Golden Gate Park near the 19th Ave & Lincoln entrance, by the fence of the Arboretum. It sits atop a… stump? Do I call it a stump if it's taller than I am? The little model house sits atop a tree that's missing its top.

little model house atop a tall stump little model house, side view quote on the back: where there is hatred, let us sow love

Getting up close to it, I saw the little house was not very detailed; I guess the artist intended for it to be admired from a distance. (From a distance, it's pretty mysterious. When I saw an obviously-artificial thingy on top of the stump(?), I tried to figure out what kind of park infrastructure it could possibly be. A house for raccoons? An absurdly large moth trap? I was pretty far away. I don't normally walk along the fence at the back of the Arboretum. If I'm walking in that area, I'm probably up by Stow Lake. From Stow Lake, I saw that weird shape atop the stump(?) many times before I finally walked down to get a closer look.) But then, there's a Catholic saying written on the back; only those who get close can see the writing. So… maybe I don't understand the artist's intent, audience-experience-wise.

The house is mostly light blue with some yellow trim and some dark blue trim. Light blue and yellow makes me think: maybe the artist hoped to express support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion. Dark blue and yellow makes me think: maybe the artist likes California. The house-ness of the little house makes me think: maybe the artist wants us to build more housing. The Catholic quote on the back ("Where there is hatred, let us sow love") makes me think: maybe the artist is a Catholic or ex-Catholic who wants to apologize for the church's actions in [ California | the Americas | the world | somewhere ]. Or maybe art doesn't need to mean anything and I should rein in my puzzlehunter instinct to search for hidden messages.

When I searched teh internets for information about this, I found not much, mostly speculation. An article by Amanda Bartlett is pretty well researched: Apparently the little house appeared back in May. It's not an official Golden Gate Park thing, but the head of the SF Parks department decreed that the house can stay up for now. Nobody had claimed credit for making it.

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