: New: Nick's Labyrinth

I continued my morning exercise walk past Laberinto Verde: floreciendo and in amongst some trees I bumped into a new-to-me labyrinth. And when I search the web for it, I don't find anything. I guess this labyrinth isn't just new-to-me, but rather plain ol' new. If you head into the park southwest some tens of meters from the Lincoln Blvd & 25th Ave entrance, you can spot it: Nick's Labyrinth. It's not totally obvious; the labyrinth is an arrangement of pinecones in between some trees. But you can spot it; pine cones aren't normally arranged like that. You can quickly figure out something's going on even before you see the sign.

[photo of sign. sign reads Nick's Labyrinth / Center yourself and add a cone / walk together or walk alone] [photo of labyrinth layout: pine cones on pine needles surrounded by trees] [photo of thingy at center of labyrinth. I think it's a figurine from a soccer trophy?]

The center of the labyrinth was guarded, not by a minotaur, but by a small figurine. My best guess is that it's part of a soccer trophy. I don't know the story of the baby shoes under the sign.

Tags: pedestrian