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Lately I wrote some "Mumbled Artist's Instructions" puzzle in which I tell an AI drawing program some weird drawing instructions like "shutter panned ants," post the artwork, and challenge folks to guess at what the instructions are. Except the last few times, it seemed like the AI couldn't figure out how to draw some words. Like maybe it draws a lot of ants but seems to ignore the "shutter panned". So then I try to find some shutter clip art and copy-paste it in. It's happening again. You can't make sense of this art:
[bizarre image] [bizarre image]

Any guesses?

Meanwhile, I guess I'll work on copy-pasting together some art I find on the internet so I can make an actually-possible puzzle. And I'll despair at the state of AI "art;" not because I'm afraid it will put human artists out of work any time soon; but rather its inability to draw something specific, albeit nonsensical.