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I still check my little dashboard of San Francisco COVID numbers to figure out when it's safe to do inessential indoor things, eat inside a restaurant, etc, etc. It used to be a dashboard of S.F. and surrounding Bay Area county numbers. But I got those numbers from my local paper's "data desk" and they got their numbers from John Hopkins University, and JHU stopped gathering&distributing their numbers. The San Francisco Department of Public Health still publishes data, so I can still use those. The California sewer experts still update their wastewater spreadsheet, so I still have that.
line graph of San Francisco COVID numbers. Positive case numbers and percentage are sad; wastewater levels are happy. There's a big blank area circled at the bottom

Is there some handy place to get SF Bay Area county COVID numbers? If so, I'd like to know. If not, that's fine too. Unsurprisingly, when I was looking at them, the neighboring-county numbers were pretty close to the this-county numbers. When S.F. numbers get low enough for me to consider excursions to Oakland or whatever, there's no reason to think Oakland will be a "hot zone" or what-have-you.

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