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tl;dr I was unreasonably optimistic a few months ago and am venting about it now.

I continue to check my little dashboard of San Francisco COVID numbers each morning to estimate risk of inessential-but-fun activities, like heading down the peninsula for the weekend to hang out at someone's house with a dozen other folks to solve MIT Mystery Hunt puzzles.

graph charting three San Francisco COVID statistics. The number of reported tests isn't so bad, yay. But the COVID-in-wastewater and test positivity % numbers are pretty high

A few months back, there was a new round of COVID vaccines coming out. So I put on my shoes and headed out the door thought a bit and then waited a few weeks to get the new vaccine. Why, you ask? I waited a few weeks so that my vaccine would still be at full strength in mid-January for Mystery Hunt. The numbers are low now. Maybe, I thought, they will stay low through mid-January.

The numbers did not, in fact, stay low. So I changed my RSVP for Team Left Out's MIT Mystery Hunt solving efforts from "T.B.D." to "none." Grrr; I blame society.