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It is #EnigMarch, and each day the excellent EnigMarch people post a prompt word; then puzzle nerds try to design puzzles around that word. (Today's word is power.)

Here's a classic Puzzazz daily puzzle type: The following clues define four 3-letter words and four 5-letter words. Each of the 3-letter words fits into the middle of one of the 5-letter words, like OWE and POWER. Figure out the words and fit them into the square below.

  R W  

(not too confident the nice grid formatting will come through OK in RSS readers, oh well)

When you're done, the circled letters will spell a word that means, roughly, "having the power to do something." ◯◯◯◯

Hints and solution, rot13'd:

Gur gbc svir-yrggre jbeq vf oenja, zhfpyr cbjre

Urer'f gur erfg bs gur qngn:
RYY / Ohvyqvat nqqvgvba
ONONE / Xvqyvg cnpulqrez
OENJA / Zhfpyr cbjre
ARYYL / Fg Ybhvf "Ubg va Ureer" enccre
ENJ / Hapbbxrq
RCN / HFN tbi'g pyrna-nve bet.
NON / HFN Ynjlref' bet.
ERCNL / Jung lbh zhfg qb vs lbh owe

Urer'f gur tevq:

n   r
O   y
n   Y

Gur pvepyrq yrggref fcryy noyr.

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