: New: Five Cryptic Clues

It is #EnigMarch, and each day the excellent EnigMarch people post a prompt word; then puzzle nerds try to design puzzles around that word. (Today's word is clue.)

Here are five cryptic crossword-style clues. In case that's not tough enough, there's a word missing from each.

Cue Eric: Will _◯_ take finals?

Indication that ◯_ _ _ swapping Farenheit for Celsius

_ _ _◯_ _ _, oddly, is pointer

_ _◯_ sounds like a telltale

"_ _ _ _ _ _◯'s Log USS Enterprise…" starts evidence

When you're done, the circled letters should tell you when I feel clueless when tackling cryptics: ◯◯◯◯◯

Hints and solution, rot13'd:

Rnpu bs gurfr pelcgvp pebffjbeq-fglyr pyhrf fbyirf gb gur fnzr jbeq.

Rnpu bs gurfr pelcgvp pebffjbeq-fglyr pyhrf fbyirf gb "pyhr".

Gur jbeqcynl cbegvbaf ner:
Revp: Jvyy _◯_ gnxr svanyf
◯_ _ _ fjnccvat Sneraurvg sbe Pryfvhf
_ _ _◯_ _ _, bqqyl
_ _◯_ fbhaqf yvxr
"_ _ _ _ _ _◯'f ybt HFF Ragrecevfr…" fgnegf

"Svanyf" zrnaf gur jbeqf raq jvgu …p …y …h …r
"Fjnccvat" urer zrnaf fhofgvghgvat bar yrggre sbe nabgure; jbeq fubhyq or bar yrggre bss sebz pyhr.
"Bqqyl" zrnaf gnxr rirel bgure yrggre: jbeq fubhyq or p_y_h_r
"Fbhaqf yvxr" zrnaf lbh jnag n ubzbcubar. (Nynf, vg'f na bofpher grez hayrff lbh'er n fnvybe. Vs lbh qba'g xabj vg evtug njnl, creuncf zbir ba.)
"Fgnegf" zrnaf gur jbeqf fgneg jvgu p… y… H… R…

Urer'f nyy gur qngn:
b / lbh / Phr Revp: Jvyy _ gnxr svanyf?
s / syhr / Vaqvpngvba gung _ fjnccvat Sneraurvg sbe Pryfvhf
g / phygher / _, bqqyl, vf cbvagre
r / pyrj / _ fbhaqf yvxr n gryygnyr
a / pncgnva / _'f Ybt HFF Ragrecevfr fgnegf rivqrapr

Gur pvepyrq yrggref fcryy bsgra.

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