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It is #EnigMarch, and each day the excellent EnigMarch people post a prompt word; then puzzle nerds try to design puzzles around that word. (Today's word is rule.)

Below are five words and five transformation rules. Each word becomes some other word (not listed below) when a transformation rule is applied. Unfortunately, I lost track of which rule goes with which word. I dare you to figure it out:

The words:

taped → _ _ _ _◯
fires → _◯_ _ _
waits → _ _ _◯_
flout → _ _◯_ _
pecan → ◯_ _ _ _

The rules:

When you're done, the circled letters should spell a rule of sorts: ◯◯◯◯◯

Hints and solution, rot13'd:

N pbhcyr bs gurfr ehyrf lbh pna cebonoyl nccyl va lbhe urnq; gur bguref ner zber taneyl. Fgneg jvgu gur fvzcyr ehyrf fb lbh jba'g unir gb gel nccylvat gur taneyl ehyrf gb fb znal jbeqf.

Jnvgf va erirefr-Zbefr vf fgvat

Crpna cyhf sbhe znxrf gvtre

Urer'f nyy gur qngn:

G / gncrq / nqrcg / Erbeqre yrggref nycunorgvpnyyl, r.t., YBLNY orpbzrf NYYBL
R / sverf / frevs / Erirefr gur jbeq, r.t. CNEGF orpbzrf FGENC
A / jnvgf / fgvat / Genafyngr gb Zbefr, erirefr gung, gura genafyngr onpx gb Ratyvfu; r.t. ERRQL orpbzrf DHRRE
R / sybhg / syrrg / Punatr ibjryf gb or gur fnzr, r.t. FBYVQ orpbzrf FNYNQ
G / crpna / gvtre / Fuvsg rnpu yrggre sbhe nurnq va gur nycunorg, r.t., ONAWB orpbzrf SREAF

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