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It is #EnigMarch, and each day the excellent EnigMarch people post a prompt word; then puzzle nerds try to design puzzles around that word. (Today's word is surprise.)

There is one suprise in each sequence below. I sure hope you can turn each surprise into a letter.

one, one, two, six, twentyfour, one, …

six, twentyeight, three, eightthousonehundredandtwentyeight, …

zero, one, three, six, ten, fifteen, one, …

two, three, five, seven, two, thirteen, seventeen, …

zero, one, four, nine, sixteen, eight, …

three, one, four, one, five, four, two, six, …

one, one, two, three, five, eight, four, …

one, two, four, eight, one, thirtytwo, …

When you found what you're looking for, those surprise-derived letters should spell out what you were looking for.

Hints and solution, rot13'd:

Rnpu bs gurfr vf n zngurzngvpny frdhrapr jvgu bar ahzore jebat.

Gur frdhraprf, abg va beqre ner: qvtvgf bs cv, snpgbevnyf, Svobanppv, cresrpg ahzoref, cbjref bs gjb, cevzrf, fdhnerf, naq gevnathyne ahzoref.

Vs lbh frr n "guerr" jurer lbh rkcrpg "sbheuhaqerqavarglfvk", gung zrnaf gb gnxr gur guveq yrggre bs "sbheuha...", H.

Urer'f gur shyy qngn:
b / bar / snpgbevny / bar, bar, gjb, fvk, gjraglsbhe, *baruhaqerqgjragl
h / guerr / cresrpg / fvk, gjraglrvtug, *sbheuhaqerqavarglfvk, rvtuggubhfbaruhaqerqnaqgjraglrvtug
g / bar / gevnathyne / mreb, bar, guerr, fvk, gra, svsgrra, *gjraglbar
y / gjb / cevzrf / gjb, guerr, svir, frira, *ryrira, guvegrra, friragrra
v / rvtug / fdhnerf / mreb, bar, sbhe, avar, fvkgrra, *gjraglsvir
r / sbhe / cv qvtvgf / guerr, bar, sbhe, bar, svir, *avar, gjb, fvk
e / sbhe / Svobanppv / bar, bar, gjb, guerr, svir, rvtug, *guvegrra
f / bar / cbjref bs gjb / bar, gjb, sbhe, rvtug, *fvkgrra, guveglgjb

Gur fhecevfrf fcryy bhgyvref.

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