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I heard the city wasn't doing anything for 4/20 this year, so I was surprised to see folks setting up some tables at Robin Williams meadow (a.k.a. the meadow at the base of "Hippie Hill") this morning. Looks like Volo Sports is putting on a kickball tournament. I guess the park folks counterprogrammed an event to deflect the weed-o-philes.

chained-off section of meadow; beyond the chain, folks are setting up a table; beyond that, other folks are setting up a food truck

[updated to add:]

I went back to the meadow around noon and noted:

The meadow was mostly empty; nobody playing kickball, some folks playing volleyball. Hippie Hill had about as many people as you'd expect on a sunny day. The helicopters [which had been hovering overhead ~an hour earlier] are gone. It might seem chill until you wonder: Why does that knot of park rangers look so tense? Why is a pair of motorcycle cops riding around the path?

I got a burrito from that food truck (the line was really short!) and came back home.

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