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I transcribed a 1924 article about puzzle-y treasure hunts in London: London Society's Thrilling All-Night Treasure Hunts. It's kind of an annoying article for a puzzle fiend to read; I guess it was written by some society reporter who was really impressed that the Prince of Wales participated but glossed over clue details. But I got to look back through history and see that Olivia Wyndham had learned the hard lessons of Game Control before Stephen Sondheim was born:
"I do not know which is the greater fun," says Miss Wyndham, "laying a trail or following one. When laying one it is very hard to judge how difficult or easy your clues are going to appear to others who do not know your processes of thought."

It sounds like Wyndham wrote some articles about her Hunt experiences. Dunno how find-able they are. I bet she had more to say than landed in this here article, tho.

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