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I continue to check my little dashboard of San Francisco COVID numbers each morning to figure out whether heading into a cafe for professional-barista-prepared coffee is a lovely indulgence or an embarrassing risk.

The numbers still look safe-ish to me; I'm still swapping air indoors with people. But you might recall the last time I shared my dashboard it was to serenely say that all its numbers were in the "safe" zone; PCR-test-observers and sewage-observers could all agree that things were looking good. Lately, San Francisco's sewage-observers have seen numbers above the "safe" line.

chart plotting three San Francisco COVID stats over the past couple of months: new cases reported, test positivity %, and COVID in wastewater. The wastewater line is a little above the 'pretty safe' level. The test positivity % has been rising lately but hasn't yet gone above pretty-safe (but it's getting close). The new cases line has been rising lately

So… I'm going out for coffee now. And I'm checking on my home inventory of coffee supplies, in case my attitude changes in the coming weeks.