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San Francisco Bay Area folks, heads up: Yesterday I took a weird stroll in Albany, playing The Solano Human Project. I see people comparing it to The Jejeune Institute, and I can see the similarity: you're walking in a city, paying close attention to some weird details and fixtures. You interact with art; you interact with gadgets. The Solano Human Project didn't give me a creepy vibe tho, so that was nicer.

a logo that looks kinda like a handwritten 'th'

Anyhow, if you're into ARGs or immersive experiences or pervasive games or what-have-you, definitely check it out. If, like me, you're an avid puzzler, don't think "Even though the recommended team size is 2-6, I'll solo-solve; I'm sure I'll blow through quickly like part 1 of Jejeune." That's hubris. I wish I'd had another couple of folks along to help spot things.

Hmm, not sure what more I can say without spoiling the surprises. Just: Check it out.

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