Lawrence Hosken: Self Aware: Quick Facts/FAQ

Name: Lawrence A. Hosken  [photo by Ray Choi]
Place of Residence: San Francisco
Nuclear Capability: None
Occupation: Software Engineer
Arrests, Outstanding Warrants: None
CPU Speed: 12
Date of Birth: Libra 1969
Country of Origin: San Francisco
Interests: Books, Computer science, History, Lunch
Blood Type: A+
Religious Affiliation: None
Special Abilities: +3 on Saving Throws vs. chocolate
Totem: Hello Kitty

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall are you?
6' 3" (about 190 cm)
Could you spell your last name, please?
What's your middle name?
Really? Alastair?
What are you doing here? Let me guess: Is it lunch time?
Paper or plastic?
Oh. Wait. I brought a bag. Hang on.
Are you a registered voter in this county?
Yes. No. Wait a minute--where am I?
What's the URL of your web page?
Why are you a vegetarian?
If we were all vegetarians, the planet could sustain more people. Cows are boring. My friends are interesting. If getting rid of cows means I can have more friends, I'm for it.
Do you want the fries with that or the coleslaw?
Fries, please.


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