McGuffin Ho! Anyhow, at Sutro Heights Park

Location: Sutro Heights Park Gazebo

Anyhow, at Sutro Heights Park near the gazebo, there was a buffet breakfast set up and several teams milling around. I was surprised to see Greg Rae there. I thought of him as an East Coast Google employee who was taking a long sabbatical. He said he was a Burninator, and he was in town for the game. That sounded like the best sabbatical ever. As near as I could tell, the Burninators were a confederation of Google programmers and members of the US World Puzzling team.

There were several other not-so-surprising people around. I chatted with some of them. I also got acquainted with a couple of guest Mystic Fishies who I didn't know so well. Let's list all of the Fishies for this game:

But there was not much time for chatting; soon the game began. There was a little skit in the gazebo in which "the MacGuffin diamond" was to be revealed for display to us gamers, some "consortia of interested antique dealers and antiquarian enthusiasts." To the surprise of no-one, there was no diamond there. It had been replaced by a The Cheat doll. There was also a note explaining that the diamond had been stolen and that clues to help us track it down were hidden somewhere in the area.

[Photo by Wesley Chan: Coed Astronomy in the Parking Lot]

The buffet was decorated with mylar balloons. That seemed strange. That seemed strange to a lot of people, because when people thought about where puzzles might be hidden, those balloons sure got popped in a hurry.

Inside each balloon was a couple of pieces of paper labelled "Braillepaint". This puzzle was like the Feeling Good puzzle on steroids, using Braille to render a large picture with some words on it: Our next puzzle was at Fort Baker, on the Northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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