Puzzle Hunts: McGuffin Ho!

On Saturday, July 9, 2005, Team Mystic Fish gathered together to play in the McGuffin Game a.k.a. the Griffiths Collection Game hosted by the Burninators. It was pretty awesome. Now it's eight months later, and I'm trying to remember what happened, looking at a big bag full of puzzles.

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Team Mystic Fish gathered out in front of Alexandra's apartment. You may recall that the first time I was part of the team effort to put the van together, I, uhm, wasn't really part of the team effort to put the van together. I had instead gone out for coffee at the critical time. This time, I did better: I helped carred a bench out of the van, up to Alexandra's apartment. OK, that doesn't sound like much, but it's a 100% improvement on the previous time.

Wesley worked his gadget magic and soon the van was fitted out with walkie talkies, a talking GPS, and who knows what all else. Alexandra loaded it up with snacks. And then there were the pens, the pencils, the sticky tape, the not-so-sticky tape, the pads of scratch paper... yes, the van was in good shape. Soon we were inside and on our way over to Sutro Heights Park, the starting line.

We were ready for The Game.