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In late 2010, I got some interesting mail. The Ghost Patrol folks were interested in tweaking the answer/hint system program from the 2-Tone Game for a Ghost Patrol event. This was great news—the reason I'd published that program was so that other folks could use it to run awesome events. Ghost Patrol was awesome. Thus, I giddily bounced around for a while. Eventually, I stopped bouncing long enough to tweak program a bit to better fit their planned game flow.

The game was announced. Mystic Fish was accepted! But the game filled up; many teams were waitlisted. Alexandra, Mystic Fish's team captain, thought we might do another "simulcast"—instead of playing the game, run a copy of the game in San Francisco. That sounded great to me; if I wasn't playing, I could work more on the answer/hint system: the Ghost Patrol folks didn't have to hide the hints and answers from me.

And thus there was a flurry of activity leading up to Hallowe'en 2010.


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