Ghost Patrol BANG: Construction Party 2010-10-16 Photos

There were a few puzzle-construction parties in the weeks leading up to game day. I attended a couple of them, and took photos at one.

Some (not all) of the pumpkin trick-or-treat baskets, waiting to be filled with starting equipment. "What's with the pink one?" "That's for Team XX-Rated." Oh, of course.

Making the raisins puzzle: David, Jenn, and Alexandra. Each copy of this puzzle had more than 70 individually-crumpled pieces of paper. You wanted to work keeping your stuff in a bowl or other container lest a piece escape—or worse, fall into someone else's partially-constructed raisin puzzle. We worried about losing pieces or mixing pieces up.

Making the raisins puzzle: David, Jesse, Jenn, and Greg. The rubber gloves weren't for the raisins puzzle. Those were for the Smarties puzzle. We didn't want to handle the smarties with our sweaty hands if players might eat them.

Making the raisins puzzle: Jenn and David. Yes, that's a paper cutter in the background. These people are good at physical construction. They have the gear, they have the skills. I learned some from working with them, like how to make a coupon book that, you know, looks like a, you know, real coupon book.

Making the raisins puzzle: Matt and Rachel. From these photos, you might guess that we spent a lot of time constructing the raisins puzzle. You would be correct.


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