Departures: Seattle: Live

On December 18, 1998, I quit my job at Geoworks, an OS development company. I'd worked there for eight years. I had only a vague plan for the future: do some travelling and look for work when calmer.

It's pretty easy to arrange a trip to Seattle. Once the holidays had calmed down a bit, I headed on up.

You Goddamned Son of a Bitch
Career talk on the way to Stanford
Cattle Grind
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, plasmids, bird poop, compulsion
We Shall Cleanse the World
Next to Godliness
If the chapter titles to this travelogue seem strange, I guess it's time I came clean: they're the names of tracks on an album by the Revolting Cocks. Some names match the contents of their chapters more or less. Others don't. This is one of the others.
In the Neck
A rare sight: a nuclear family
You Often Forget
Playing tourist at the Fishermen's Terminal
TV Mind
An evening of entertaining at home. Bloodshed.
Union Carbide
In which many cookies appear
Attack Ships on Fire
Escape from Seattle
No Devotion
Getting caught up on work

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