Lawrence Hosken: Departures: Seattle

I've gone to Seattle, WA a few times. It's a cute little resort town. I've done a lot of things around there, some of them interesting.

Sneaking minors into hotel rooms. Dens of iniquity. Optic dysfunction.
Of interest only to the completist.
How not to sleep. In town with the Chicago Bulls. Welcome discovery of an Indian restaurant.
Hallowe'en party. Dangerous Ice Cave. Welcome discovery of an Indian restaurant. Plane talk.
Amtrakking from San Francisco to Seattle. My incredibly tall cousin Nancy and her impossibly even taller husband. Tours of local businesses. A plane museum. Another Seattle party. Sailing to Canada and back.
Career chaos, bacterial phobia,, the scenic Fishermen's Terminal, ineffectual cookies.
(Sailing in the San Juans. Though I spent some time in Seattle this trip, I didn't really mention it in the travelogue.)
Car stuck in snowy mountains miles from civilization... "Every asshole is the king of his trash"... The Experience Music Project: Ugh... Blurry harbor tour pictures... I signed the inflatable sheep sex toy... Ron and Sua got married... I snuck into the ladies' restroom, but somebody saw me... Refined political discussion...
Seattle in the summertime, 36 views of the Pier 86 High-Speed Grain Terminal
2005 (Jan)
Tom Lester and I stopped by Seattle for a few days on a road trip.
2005 (Apr)
A business trip. Not a good read. "Only for the completist."
Several visits. More photos of the Pier 86 Grain Terminal. MS Puzzlehunt 11
Just some scattered notes written down months after the fact. And some photos.