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Ctrl-e Swat navigation x
:E makefile variable expansion x
EAH_... x
.ebj files x
EC files x
ec Swat command x
EC() macro x x
ec.geo files x
ec.sym files x
EC_BOUNDS() macro x x
EC_ERROR() macro x x
EC_ERROR_IF() macro x x
EC_WARNING() macro x
EC_WARNING_IF() macro x
ECA_... x
ECCheckBounds() x x
ECCheckChunkArray() x
ECCheckChunkArrayHandles() x
ECCheckClass() x
ECCheckDriverHandle() x
ECCheckEventHandle() x
ECCheckFileHandle() x
ECCheckGeodeHandle() x
ECCheckGStateHandle() x
ECCheckHandleNS() x
ECCheckHugeArray() x x
ECCheckLibraryHandle() x
ECCheckLMemChunk() x
ECCheckLMemHandle() x
ECCheckLMemHandleNS() x
ECCheckLMemObject() x
ECCheckLMemObjectHandles() x
ECCheckLMemOD() x
ECCheckLMemODHandles() x
ECCheckMemHandle() x
ECCheckObject() x
ECCheckObjectHandles() x
ECCheckOD() x
ECCheckODHandles() x
ECCheckProcessHandle() x
ECCheckQueueHandle() x
ECCheckResourceHandle() x
ECCheckStack() x
ECCheckThreadHandles() x
ECCheckWindowHandle() x
ECF_... x
echo Swat command x
    in example x x
ECI_attrs x
ECI_dataClasses x
ECI_destination x
ECI_message x
ECLMemExists() x
ECLMemExistsHandles() x
ECLMemValidateHandle() x
ECLMemValidateHandleHandles() x
ECLMemValidateHeap() x
ECMemVerifyHeap() x
ECVMCheckMemHandle() x
ECVMCheckVMBlockHandle() x
ECVMCheckVMFile() x
EED_... x
EF_... (EvalFlags) x
EF_... (ExitFlags) x
EFD_... x
Element arrays x
    @elementArray keyword x
@elementArray x x
ElementArrayAddElement() x x
ElementArrayAddElementHandles() x x
ElementArrayAddReference() x x
ElementArrayAddReferenceHandles() x x
ElementArrayCreate() x x
ElementArrayCreateAt() x x
ElementArrayCreateAtHandles() x x
ElementArrayDelete() x x
ElementArrayDeleteHandles() x x
ElementArrayElementChanged() x x
ElementArrayElementChangedHandles() x x
ElementArrayGetUsedCount() x x
ElementArrayGetUsedCountHandles() x x
ElementArrayHeader x x
ElementArrayRemoveReference() x x
ElementArrayRemoveReferenceHandles() x x
ElementArrayTokenToUsedIndex() x x
ElementArrayTokenToUsedIndexHandles() x x
ElementArrayUsedIndexToToken() x x
ElementArrayUsedIndexToTokenHandles() x x
#elif makefile directive x
elist Swat command x
Ellipses x
    GrDrawEllipse() macro x
    GrFillEllipse() x
else .gp file keyword x
#else makefile directive x
empty() conditional x
@end x x
.END makefile special target x
    in Tutorial example x

END_... x
    in Tutorial example x

    @endc x x
    in Tutorial example x
endDouble (LocalQuotes structure field) x
@endif x x
endif .gp file keyword x
#endif makefile directive x
@endlib x x
endSingle (LocalQuotes structure field) x
ensure-swat-attached Swat command x
entry .gp file field x
EntryPointRelocation x
Enumerated types x
EnvelopeOrientation x x
EnvelopePath x x
Environment variables within PMake x
EO_... x
EOD_... x
EOSF_... x
EP_... (EnvelopePath type) x
EP_... (EvalParameters structure) x
EPR_... x
eqfind Swat command x
eqlist Swat command x
ERD_... x
erfind Swat command x
ERR parse library internal function x
ERR_... x
ERR_... (DiskCopyError) x
Error checking x
    MSG_VIS_VUP_EC_... x
    SysGetECLevel() x
error Tcl command x
ERROR_... x x
ErrorCheckingFlags x x
    SysGetECLevel() x
    SysSetECLevel() x
Errors x
    continuing after in Swat x x
    continuing after with Swat x
    continuing after, in Swat x
    decoding FatalErrors values x x
    determining cause of crash x x
    error checking level x
    fatalerr_auto_explain Swat variable x
    Swat timeout errors x
    Tcl errors x
ESAD_... x
ESAT_... x
Escape key
    command completion in Swat x

ESD_... x
ESOD_... x
ESOT_... x
eval Tcl command x
EvalErrorData x
EvalFlags x
EvalFunctionData x
EvalNameData x
EvalOperatorData x
EvalParameters x
EvalRangeData x
EvalStackArgumentData x
EvalStackArgumentType x
EvalStackOperatorData x
EvalStackOperatorType x
EvalStringData x
Evaluator (parse library) x
Event queues x x x
    @call and @send flags x
    accessing x
    from thread handle x
    handles, checking x
event Tcl structure x
event-driven x
EventHandle x
    dispatching recorded x
    displaying x
    displaying with Swat x
    finding recorded x
    handles, checking x
    printing with Swat x
    recording x
EXACT parse library internal function x
Exclusive grab

    notification x
    releasing all x
Exclusive lists x
.EXEC makefile attribute x
execOnStartup INI file field
    UserAddAutoExec() x

    UserRemoveAutoExec() x
exempt .gp file keyword x
exists()conditional x
exit x
exit Swat command
    in Tutorial example x

exit-thread Swat command x
ExitFlags x
EXP parse library internal function x
Expanded memory x
explain Swat command x
explode Swat command x
export .gp file keyword x
    in Tutorial example x x
ExportControlAttrs x
ExportControlClass x x
ExportControlFeatures x
ExportControlToolboxFeatures x
Exported messages x
    @exportMessages keyword x
@exportMessages x x
expr Tcl command x
    in example x
Extended memory x
    overview x

@extern x x
    with methods x
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