Larry Hosken: New: Life of Pi: Another Perspective

You might have noticed that I changed my blogging software recently. Yes, I do go on about it. Sorry.

As part of this, I shut down's access to my web site's file system. Otherwise, it might want to update my blog files... and accidentally wipe out the new stuff. It seemed like a sensible precaution. Except that somebody just now tried to leave a comment on one of my old blog posts. They made the comment on which now wants to copy files over, so that my blog can display the new comment. Except that I shut down the access. Whoops.

So as far as this anonymous poster knows, I'm censoring them.

I should fix up my old blog posts so that they no longer have comment forms. That way, it would be clear that there's no point trying to comment. But I'm pretty busy for the next couple of whiles, so that's not going to happen.

Meanwhile, I guess I can avoid the pall of censorship by just copying this blog comment over by hand:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Book Report: Life of Pi":

Life of Pi is a fantastic book. Its written colorfully too. You should read the copy that has amazing illustration. And yes, evrything gets interesting towards the end. How do you not like it? What are you, 10?

Posted by Anonymous to Larry Hosken: New at 25 February, 2010 14:00

Maybe I should have skipped to the end.

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