Larry Hosken: New: Site Update: 36 Views, Some Different

I'm finally looking at the photos I took when I was in Seattle a couple of months back. One advantage of waiting a couple of months to do this: I've had time to forget pretty much everything that happened. Thus, writing up the travelogue will be pretty quick. Or maybe not, given my ability to complicate simple tasks.

I'd taken the harbor boat tour before, and had been dismayed when my camera ran out of batteries before I could snap photos of Seattle's Pier 86 Grain Terminal from the water. This year, I brought more batteries. I snapped many, many photos. Just one seemed good enough for my page of 36 Views of the grain terminal. Remember that?

So I swapped out one of the old 2003 photos and put in this new one. And then, once I started thinking about switching which photos were in the set, I swapped out some more 2003 photos, replacing them with some better photos I'd taken back in 2007. Yes, I'm messing with a classic. But some of those old photos don't really hold up well.

Anyhow, I updated the 36 Views of the Pier 86 Grain Terminal, go look!

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