Larry Hosken: New: Jotting Notes on Ian Tullis' 2010 GC Summit Talk "Reflections on Puzzling"

In this talk, Ian Tullis talks about puzzle design; in general and in the puzzlehunt style. He talks about what makes puzzles interesting in general; and the weird areas that the puzzlehunt community's been exploring for the past few years. If you read my 2-Tone Game write-up, you might remember where I said:

I had a halfway-brilliant idea: since this game wouldn't be a one-time event, since it would be this persistent thing, it would be a way to introduce new folks to puzzlehunts... I don't think I followed through well on this idea.

This talk gets into some ways that I could have followed up: remembering to include "fun" along with the "wow". Including what the Anonymice call a "crank" for the player to turn while they wait for inspiration to strike. Anyhow, some notes:

GC Summit 2010: Ian Tullis "Reflections on Puzzling"

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