: New: Site Update: Better Blog "Tag" Page

You might remember a while back I made a "tag cloud" for this blog; now it's bigger. Before, it didn't show the tags labels tags thingies from the posts I imported from blogger.com. Now, it does. I noticed that blogger.com's label pages would show the 100 most recent blog posts with a label. Since I have more than 100 "book" posts, that was a bummer. But it forced me to think: why did they do that? I think I figured it out: Oh man, a single page that tries to show 300+ blog posts takes a while to load. So I tweaked the tag pages: they don't show the full text of all the blog posts. For posts from previous years, it'll just show the title and the first sentence or two. It still takes a while to load "book" Tag page, but not too long.

Tags: site tagging

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