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I played the computer game Hack 'n' Slash and it was pretty fun. It's that game where you get to change the game's program as you play through it. (I guess it's also a platform by which you can create a whole new version of the game if you change it "enough".) You start out with a sword that lets you change some of the game's variables. If a bad turtle attacks you, you can touch it with the sword and change "bad" to "good" and suddenly that turtle is nice. But if you accidentally bump into that turtle, it still hurts… but if you touch the turtle with the sword and change its damage from 1 to -1, the next time you bump into that turtle you'll be healed instead.

Later on in the game, you pick up an item that lets you edit event-handler methods. You can't change everything about them, but you can change some aspects. To get past some traps, you must disable the code that makes them work. This makes for some fun puzzles. You can't just delete the contents of the traps' event handlers. But sometimes you can change the functions they call: turn a game-ending crash into a harmless print; change an if greater than to if less than to confuse things. For any given puzzle, there's probably more than one way past it; as you monkey with the code and see how the game reacts, the solution you find depends on which part of the code you monkeyed with first.

The game is on Steam. In its community section on Steam there's also a nice walkthrough, so you won't get stuck, even if you *blush* have trouble spotting portals at the top of the screen. Fun game. Check it out.

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