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My site, lahosken.san-francisco.ca.us has moved. Thanks to the magic of the internets, its address is still lahosken.san-francisco.ca.us. It was running on one set of machines; now it runs on another set of machines.

I was hosting the site at Verio. (I started out hosting it at Best.com, which got acquired by Verio. Then Verio got acquired by NTT (yes, Geoworks folks, that's the same NTT Japanese mobile phone company who we were writing smartphone software for). Then Verio got spun off and sold to some other outfit.) Recently, they upgraded their service, but this turned out to be one of those "upgrades" that makes things worse. And the migration didn't go well; a couple of weeks' worth of changes got lost. And then when their support tried to repair that, they erased a bunch of files. Wow, that was pretty bad, totally clown-shoe antics. After yeeeears of procrastinating on switching hosting providers, that was finally the kick in my butt to switch.

I asked for recommendations on social media. The two winning recommendations were: nearly free speech and dreamhost. I went with nearly free speech because the folks recommending it were a few hours faster, but it looks like dreamhost would have been pretty good too. Honorable Mention to Piaw who re-worked his site so he could host it for free on Google App Engine; and Amit who uses AWS. Y'all are totally hardcore software engineers who I am proud to know, albeit scared to imitate.

Annnnyhow if you're seeing this, then that means that the various change-of-address-form-equivalents have percolated their way through the internet. Hooray for Sonic, managers of the san-francisco.ca.us address space along with being an excellent ISP who I really really hope get around to laying fiber in my neighborhood eventually.

Wow, this test post got long. Sorry about that.

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