: New: Game: Troubador Tour Board

I made a phone game: Troubador Tour Board. You play it by walking around with your phone, occasionally pressing a button. Nowadays, that's not so unusual for a game. This game's unusual in that you don't press a button very often; mostly, you leave your phone in your pocket for minutes at a time as you walk around. I learned some things in programming this game. I've already had a chance to use what I learned on an art project. Plus, it was an excuse to walk most of the way around the bay again back in October.

Besides myself, I never actually heard folks complaining about Pokémon Go, "this game is nice but I spend too much time fiddling with the game instead of walking around." So I guess this here Troubador Tour Board isn't going to take over the world any time soon. But for programming exercise and leg exercise, it turned out pretty well!

Tags: game pedestrian programming

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