: New: Book Report: Puzzlecraft (Humble Bundle edition)

I flipped through this book recently. Maybe "flipped through" isn't the right phrase. I was viewing the .pdf on a tablet. I'd already read an older edition of the book, now I wanted to flip through it. I was constructing a puzzle bonanza, coming up with N puzzles fitting a theme… but I only had N-1 so far. Thus, I wanted ideas. Good news: this new edition of the book has some editiona additional puzzle types. Bad news: none of the new puzzle types fit this particular theme super-great. The first edition did a great job covering "the usual suspects". This newer edition's newly-mentioned types are less mainstream; and maybe that less-mainstream-ness correlates with, uhm, they're not-so-simple to adapt? Maybe? Anyhow, I'm nevertheless glad to have the additions. I hope to get the new edition on paper at some point, since flipping through a .pdf on a tablet is awkward.

Tags: book puzzle scene

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