: New: MIT Mystery Hunt 2020 report

From January 2019 to January 2020, team Left Out put together the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. Since I was on the team, I helped out. I wrote some puzzles, did some web stuff, asked some nice folks to do some other web stuff, tested some pancakes, … Uhm, I did a lot. I wrote about my experience. You can go read "MIT Mystery Hunt 2020". Thrills, chills, and excitement abound, at least if you get excited reading about other peoples' deadlines I guess. There are also some interesting glimpses of what it takes to motivate a bunch of volunteers towards a collaborative, uhm, thingy. A collaborative work of art? Let's say a collaborative work of art.

Some of you who are paying attention might think "oh hey this story ends in January of 2020 but you're just now getting around to posting a report more than a year later?" That's very observant. It turns out that global pandemics are very distracting (but they become less distracting if/when one gets vaccinated against them).

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