: New: Mumbled Artist's Instructions Puzzle 2022-11-21

This is a puzzle. I gave an artist some instructions, a two-word English comic book title. Alas, I mumbled those instructions and the artist did their best to depict what they heard and came up with this:
[bizarre image]

Can you guess the original phrase? If you want to reply with the answer someplace public, please ROT-13 it to avoid spoiling it for others.

To clarify the puzzle gimmick, an example: Suppose the image showed a window, an angry movie critic, and some bugs. You think the artist was trying to draw shutter, panned, ants. So you say "Shutter, panned, ants" out loud a few times. Listening to yourself, you figure out the answer: "Shut up and dance."

I saw this puzzle gimmick somewhere on the internet and can no longer find it. If you know whose idea I'm stealin taking inspiration from, please let me know. I didn't really mumble instructions at a real artist. Instead, I gave the "mumbled" instructions to the DALL-E artifical intelligence picture-drawing service. Then it "painted" something unguessable so I went into my paint program and copy-pasted together some images I found on the internet and used that instead.

Tags: puzzle scene