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Dec 3, 2000 Posted a Saint Louis travelog, which has an inflatable Buddha statue and mentions Motorola S-Records.
Nov 19, 2000 I started working at Infinite Machine, a computer game company, and took away the "n/a" that I had in the work phone number field of the contact information on my top page. Ron corrected me: The "Korean dance cover of 'Down Under'" I mentioned was really just a dance remix of that song, so I made the appropriate correction. I added a new travel story, titled "[aeilostu]+". Actually, I'm not sure that it's a travel story. In it, I go to Sausalito. And I go sailing. And I go to Berkeley. But it's not all travel. I'm not sure if it's interesting. There's a subway fire, people shooting speed in Oklahoma, a boatload of MBAs who didn't get along with each other, and an obscure computer game, but most of those things are only tangential to the plot. And I'm not 100% sure that there's a plot. Added a couple of comments to the appropriate page.
Nov 2, 2000 Added a reminscence abut Japanese punk rock to the tales from my first Japan trip. Added an anonymous celebrity comment to the appropriate page.
Oct 7, 2000 A while back, I was researching the DragonBall and StrongARM chips. I kept looking at the online version of the designers' notes for SPAM, trying to dredge up memories of how address controllers worked. I kept wishing that I'd put up the schematics. So today I added them, and reworked the presentation to not clash with all the new illustrations. Behold the new face of SPAM. Being between jobs, I removed mention of the work number from my contact information. Whoever occupies that cubicle next probably doesn't want to hear from you.
Sep 23, 2000 Done looking for work, I suitably tweaked my resumé. Added a gala bonanza of new comments to the appropriate page. Bryan Clair's professing at SLU and has a new home page, so I fixed up links to him. Added some quotes to the recent Japan travelog. I started reading a travelogue by Aimée Semple McPherson, and couldn't resist lifting a few remarks.
Aug 6, 2000 Posted my resumé, since I'm about to start (ugh) looking for work. Many fixes to the new Japan travelog, thanks to the alert eyes of alert readers (Hi, Mom!). Added a MegaBrööce story, two snippets about women walking weird, and made a section for political anecdotes, which has two newly posted stories (and one you've already seen). Two new comments on the appropriate page.
Jul 22, 2000 A Panamanian comment on the appropriate page. A long Japanese travelogue from my April vacation.
Jul 1, 2000 Added an iMode-friendly home page. Thousands of Japanese celphone users will now be able to ignore my home page while they're at home, in the office, or on the train. Made a correction and a clarification in the Boston travelogue: the Harvard Mark I wasn't the world's first computer; those clicking, twitching, electromechanical array thingies are called "crossbar switches". This info comes via some mail from Dick Lord, whose comment (plus another) is on the appropriate page. Added a snippet about foreign language studies. Added another snippet about two grossnesses.
Jun 10, 2000 I didn't upload my Doom WAD of mazes. I did upload the readme file that went with it, though. I don't know what happened to the Heretic WAD. Maybe it's gone forever.
Jun 4, 2000 I found out why my family kept running into all of those celebrities when we first arrived at our hotel in New York City in 1998, and made an addition to the travelogue:

[Addendum: a year and a half later, a Hamlet movie appeared in cinemas. Sam Shepard, Ethan Hawke, Kyle "that Twin Peaks guys" MacLachlan, and our Hotel appeared as Hamlet's Dad's ghost, Hamlet, King "that evil uncle guy" Claudius, and the Hotel Elsinore, respectively.]

May 14, 2000 New links: Jimmy has pictures and words about his wedding and honeymoon in Korea; hopefully, he'll soon have pictures and words about further travels. [2002 update: Jimmy's pages are gone now.] The San Francisco Call is a San Francsico weekly that I like.
May 7, 2000 Additions to the comment area:
  • a back-dated (March 10) entry to note the most popular pages as of this site's one-year anniversary;
  • A little update concerning the I-can' situation relating to Tracy Adams' comment, which I moved to its own page (fixing a broken link while I was at it).
Apr 9, 2000 No biggie. A couple of new comments, a couple of new links.
Mar 12, 2000 It's not raining out. I could be outside doing fun stuff, but I've got a cold and don't seem to be able to think very well. I don't trust myself crossing the street. Fortunately, putting up web pages is much easier than that. Added some photos, including one to illustrate a statue I described in my recently-posted description of a walk behind UCSF. Added a new Anecdotal section, Scholarly Pursuits, stories which seem to have something to do with University or post-University life. It's mostly old stories, but there's a new one (albeit "new" in that it's newly scavenged from some 1998 email).
Feb 27, 2000 I just got back from a long vacation by Lake Tahoe. When I got back, I was far too relaxed to do anything more ambitious than grabbing some old email snippets and turning them into web pages. A little on the subject of subjectivity; an example of cop-baiting; a fantasy about a woman who sat next to me on the bus; a report on the Spiritualized/Radiohead concert in San Francisco's Civic Auditorium in 1998; a dream involving David Bowie; a political remembrance; a description of a walk behind UCSF which perhaps dwells overmuch on breasts and urine; a whine about swimming skills and water safety; some prose about the convenience of jarred sauce. Also, I added a comment to the appropriate page. I'm not sure if it's an especially interesting comment, but it's from an Argentinian ninja, so what the hey. Updated links page to serve you better.
Feb 13, 2000 Rained in for the weekend, I went looking through some old email for stuff to put up on this site. I found a dream description; a possibly-in-poor taste telling of the last time I saw Danielle Berry (with a cameo appearance by Brian Moriarty); everything I know about Curtis Yarvin's accursed tiki coffee mug; a little something about candy cigarettes; an aside about my continuing education which has a dog in it; a little snippet which serves only to further illustrate my surliness. Updated and added links on links page.
Feb 5, 2000 Someone was embarassed about their remarks appearing on the comment page, and asked me to remove them. So I did. That's too bad, because I liked my reply. I'll reprint my reply here: "I've often thought of myself as having masculine reading habits. By that, I mean that while I'm reading I tend to scratch myself, grow whiskers, and chuckle over my ongoing oppression of women."
Jan 29, 2000 Put up some photos of the Port of Oakland and a San Francisco utility box onto the photos page. In response to some mail from its author, I updated the link to Terror on Flight 789 on my Fave Reads '96 page. Put excerpts from that letter and some others on the comment page.
Jan 2, 2000 Wrote up my fave reads of 1999. Put a Santa Hat story up at sfstories' Haight section. You'll need to scroll down a bit to find my story.