New: Old (1999)

When What
Dec 11, 1999 Attributed the photo on my modeling career page. Created a poll at a public poll-making site. It's not a very interesting poll. But it contains a link back to this site, thereby boosting the Google search engine's estimation of this site's importance.
Nov 27, 1999 Added a travelogue of my most recent big sail. Added new comments to the comment page, and reorganized that page a bit. Added a link from the Boston travelogue to the Ernestina's home page. On the links page, updated the link to the Hockey Diaries.
Oct 2, 1999 Changed contact information on top page. Yesterday, I resigned from Geoworks. Monday, I start work at Blue Mug Incorported, and will have a new work phone number (and a cheerier disposition).
Sep 11, 1999 Added the final chapter of my 1999 Unemployed Travel Trilogy, the historically rich Boston travelogue, Among the Yankees. Added comments to the appropriate page. Various tweaks and fixes.
Jul 24, 1999 Added the big, bad New Mexico '99 travelog. Added comments to the appropriate page. Added some links to the appropriate page. Made sundry fixes to Serve You Better.
May 22, 1999 Added a comment to the appropriate page. In the New York travelogue, added a link to the Fulton Street Fish Market. On the friends links section, added links for Davina, Jon, and Matt. Went back to work at Geoworks (still hoping to spin off), and so removed the "I'm unemployed" remark from my lack-of-resumé. Made sundry fixes to Serve You Better. I guess I haven't changed the site much lately. Sorry about that.
Mar 13, 1999 Added latest Seattle travelogue, having finally scanned my photos. (Thanks to Arlene, who has a scanner). Added a page of photos kicking it off with some pix I'd scanned a few months back. Added a comment/guestbook page. Just after I got rid of the old one, people mailed me some comments I liked. Instead of the old guestbook which had a form to fill out, this new one just encourages people to mail me comments (and shows some of the more interesting ones).
Mar 9, 1999 New domain up and running. Started deprecating old URL. Changed look and feel of most pages. Tossed some boring stuff out. Reorganized. Added fave reads of '98. Added the park cyclist and santa hat anecdotes to the depleted Stranger Encounters section. Added the story of the Celestine Sausage to the Awkward Meals section. In the Loudon/Oak Ridge travelogue, I mentioned a plan to bury nuclear waste under salt flats. It's not just a plan, it's really happening--a project called WIPP. I added a link to a place with more information.