Departures: Yosemite 2009

In October 2009, I went to Yosemite. October isn't the usual tourist season. It's less scenic. There wasn't much water in the waterfalls. A little snow had fallen, but not enough to transform the place into a winter wonderland. And yet... and yet... The cliffs were there. And the trees. And wildlife and there was some water and... And it was still darned scenic, after all.

Cinder Trunk Cliff Fall Colors Hiker From Nevada Falls New Growth / Old Growth Not the Trail to Pohono Bridge Pohono Bridge Trail Dry Riverbed Rock Face Rockfall Rockpile Rocky Cliff face with Shrubs Snowy Patch at top of Yosemite Falls Trail Steep Mountainside Storm Drain or Something Substitute Swinging Bridge To Look Down on Mountains from Mountains Cliff Face Amongst Trees Vertical Meadow View from Trees Wrinkly Cliff


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