Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even Seattle

Because I am a lame-o, I didn't play in the recent Mooncurser's game. But Matthew "Defective Yeti" Baldwin did, and he's a better writer than I am. Go read his write-up.

As of today, there's just one part. But he implies there will be more in a week or two.

Update: Mystic Fish's own Wesley Chan wrote up a couple of blog articles about the Mooncurser's game: Thirty Hours of Nonstop Fun & Trade You a Tribonium for Two Unethical Items. Enjoy!

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Site Update: Comments

If you want to post a comment on this blog, now you can--even if you don't have a blogger.com account. To prove you aren't an evil spambot, you will need to identify a captcha. That is, you will look at a picture of some distorted text and you will tell the computer what that text says. You can pretend it's a fun word puzzle.

Of course, mailed-in comments are always welcome. But I'm slow to get around to posting those. If you go there now, you can see mail from famous puzzle designer Bob Abbott plus more detail about the history of the Telcan company.

No, I'm not playing in the Mooncurser's game today. But I'm sure it's great.

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