New: Old (2003)

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Dec 26, 2003 Wow, it's this site's second-millionth web hit: - - [26/Dec/2003:05:25:32 -0400] "GET /icons/blank.gif HTTP/1.1" 200 148 "" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)"
This appeared to be someone from China. Looking further back in the log, I think that this person came to my site by googling for cdma reference command, suggesting that it was a mobile phone programmer.
Happy second-day-of-Christmas; I unlinked the santa-hat photo on the front page.
Uploaded Tomales Point photos, featuring great sandstone cliffs and my amazingly-attractive friends.
Added a seafood guide link to the No-name sushi menu, which gets more visits than I expected.
For people on dialup lines (like me), I converted the huge graphics in the England/Paris travelogue to thumbnails.
New comments? You bet.
Nov 28, 2003 Uploaded a snippet about Scarlet Tang's visit to the Bay Area, in which there's not much about Scarlet nor about Lea W., nor about Lisa, and perhaps too much about Google. Because Dan Chao demanded it, I finally uploaded my 2001 Spiritualized concert report
Nov 08, 2003 Uploaded some photos of Marin County's Fort Baker that I took on a walk last week. Uploaded some photos of San Francisco's Lyon Street that I took on a walk last month. Uploaded some anecdotes salvaged from mail I sent a couple of years ago: Post-9/11 Voting, a Repeated Phrase, and a Shopping Day. Also, some new comments.
Oct 18, 2003 [Update: this offer is no longer valid.] I'm cleaning my apartment. I have music CDs and books to give away. Thus, I updated my comments pages with a special limited-time offer: if you send me a comment that I like, and send your mail address along with it, I'll send you some music or something to read.

Remember back in the 90s when .com web sites were desperately giving away free stuff in order to gain marketshare? This is like that. Only I'm desperately trying to reclaim some space on my shelves. We'll see how long this lasts before I decide that I'd rather drag all of this stuff to the used [book|music] store rather than deal with the post office.

Oct 05, 2003 Posted some excerpts from old mail: Tree of Consciousness, Where to Go, and Running Tests. Posted some comments.
Sep 14, 2003 Posted some photos of the Machinery and Equipment company lot in Brisbane, CA. A description of doing the video walk at SFMOMA. Typed in most of the No-Name Sushi menu, so my friends will maybe stop sending me huge digital photos of that menu whenever we're planning a take-out order. Some interesting comments came in, including some insider photos of Seattle's Pier 86 Grain Terminal, more Brazillian candy cigarette weirdness from Cardhouse, and Randy Vines demonstrating his powers of observation.
Jul 27, 2003 Posted my latest Seattle travelogue: "Or Would It All Just Be The Same?" Also, enjoy new comments full of joy.
Jun 23, 2003 My technical writing contract turned into regular employment, so I updated my resume to say I wasn't looking for work. Yayy.

Updated photo on front page to show the front of my head instead of the back of my head. The back of my head has lost its novelty.

I took my friendster ID off of this site, because I found friendster's search-by-name feature. Maybe it was always there and I missed it before. (I've now had a positive friendster experience--finding out I was connected to someone I know via someone I don't know. But I still like the idea behind FoaF better.)

There are new comments, tending towards crankitude.

Jun 01, 2003 I posted a batch stories culled from mail I sent in 2001: A painful reminder, an explosive thought, and some words about unsafe candy. There are new comments.
May 13, 2003 I got a haircut today, so I put a photo of the back of my head on the top page. I haven't seen the back of my head in a long time. Added some quotes about the history of San Francisco salt production to the page of photos of the Redwood City salt ponds. Uploaded photos of a Tahoe trip which are interesting to everyone who wants to see photos of some friends of mine. Though you can't really tell what they look like, because they're mostly in thick winter clothes. Whatever. Also, there are new comments.
Apr 19, 2003 A snippet titled When You Read Large Print, You Read With Hitler. Some photos of Redwood City, where I am working. I joined friendster, but I didn't like it much. I was hoping to find out about six-degrees-of-separation links between my friends. But friendster doesn't make it easy to discover those. So I tried something else, and created a FoaF profile. But since I don't know anyone else on FoaF, that was just silly. Also, there are new comments, including one that talks about Hubertus Strughold and mentions freecell.
Mar 09, 2003 I posted some stories culled from mail I sent back in 2001: A cheesy observation which my friends remind me about to this day; A snippet of game dialog I wrote but which didn't make it into "New Legends"; and a report on a walk on San Francisco's Treasure Island.
Feb 17, 2003 I start a technical writing contract on Wednesday, so I updated my resume. Uploaded some photos depicting how I spent my free time in between projects.
Jan 12, 2003 A new old photo on the portraits of me page. A snippet about why I think that St Columba should be a patron saint of file-sharers. Some photos of Berkeley. I tried re-laying-out the comment pages after receiving mail from another person confused about who wrote them. Updated my review of the Japanese ska band Pez Stomp because I like their new album so much.
Jan 02, 2003 Happy new year! I've been exploring the frustrating world of BREW software development, but somehow I still found time to write up my list of fave reads for 2002. Also, some comments from a reader who likes that band the Blue Hearts a lot.