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Nov 29, 2002 Wow, it's this site's millionth web hit: - - [28/Nov/2002:21:26:52 -0400] "GET /departures/japan1/1.html HTTP/1.0" 304 - "-" "Googlebot/2.1 (+"

Two new Japanese ska/punk reviews: Snail Ramp and Good Day's Slowly. Alert reader Mike Guthrie says that the "uranium mine" I visited in Grants, New Mexico is just a replica. All those times I said that I'd been in a decommissioned uranium mine, I was full of it. Sorry about that.

Nov 23, 2002 I open-sourced the game that I've been hobby-programming. If you're a fearless computer programmer who jumps at the chance to get a Linux & OpenGL-based program up and running, take a look at Skitter Tag. If you're a non-programmer who's running Debian Linux and can follow instructions well and would like to try the game, take a look. If you don't fall into one of those categories, please wait 30 seconds until the magic of Open Source Community Power transforms this program into something that will run on your machine. Also, a new comment from Paul Du Bois that talks about repairing high-power electrical devices using hot sticks, ground sticks, and more. Is this the geekiest site update of the year? Maybe.
Nov 15, 2002 Job-hunting during a recession leaves me with too much free time. I uploaded the last of the material culled from my emails from the year 2000: Shovel-sitting, Antsy, Can't Take the Heat, and a poem called "Math is Hard". There are some new comments, including an answer to the questions, "What did I lick?" and "Where can people get GEOS SDKs?"
Oct 17, 2002 Along with job-hunting, I've been hobby-programming. I put up a short document about extending embedded Python with SWIG, summarizing in a few paragraphs what I spent a few hours poring over source code to learn. You're welcome. (In hindsight, if I'd known more about extending Python before I started researching, it probably wouldn't have taken so long. Anyhow.) Also, a couple of new comments, one of which I found informative.
Sep 01, 2002 I'm clearing the decks before my big job hunt. I uploaded some more excerpts from old emails: 12 Hours; Exchange; Lime Chutney, and Tough Bug. Also some photos. And some comments. Some last-minute tweaks to my resume. (I'd mentioned CVS twice. And using CVS isn't that impressive.)
Aug 16, 2002 Lately I've been hobby-programming. But right now I'm waiting for Addison-Wesley to ship an OpenGL book to my local bookstore, and meanwhile, I'm taking time to upload things here. None of these things have anything to do with OpenGL. Uploaded 2002 Oakland Harbor Tour report. Some excerpts from mail sent in 2000: Trespassing at the Presidio, Slovenly Habits, and Big Money Animals. A scathing addition to the correspondence section. Warning: As I create new pages, I've been making them for better HTML compliance, at the expense of Netscape 4's wacky custom tags.
Jul 23, 2002 Uploaded England plus Paris, my travelog of England and Paris, in which I describe visits to many geek-relevant places and gardens of varying quality. If those Tahoe photos count as a travelog, then this would be the third part of my 2002 travel trilogy. Since I don't have any travel plans for the rest of the year, maybe that will have to do.
May 25, 2002 I'm back from a long holiday in France and England, and have mostly caught up on my correspondence. This included some good news about my favorite St Louis ex-restaurant.
Apr 08, 2002 My web provider gave me more hard drive space, so I posted some gratuitous photos. There's some photos from a Tahoe trip. And there's some additions to the photos page.
Mar 29, 2002 Posted a new St Louis travelog, Bitter Cold and Crazy Hot. I went to lots of new places, including the City Museum, the Pageant, the Chocolate Bar, and the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. Also, research determines that 1977 was another good year for novel attractions in St Louis.
Mar 20, 2002 Posted Winter Games 2001, which I claim is a travelog of Lake Tahoe and Sonoma. I was determined to have a 2001 Unemployed Travel Trilogy. In retrospect, that wasn't such a great determination. There's a photo of me licking... I don't know what I was licking, exactly. There's some new stuff in the comment section, including some mail which inspired me to write down my San Francisco travel tips for, by, and about tourists which I've shown around town.
Feb 21, 2002 Posted "Draining Los Angeles," a travelog about Los Angeles. Most of it is typical Northern Californian whining about those jerks stealing most of California's water. Added a couple of new Japanese Punk and Ska reviews. I didn't put up any new comments, though I should. But right now, they're trapped on an old computer. I'll get around to bringing them over eventually. In the comment section, an unusual way I could have MADE MONEY FAST.
Jan 21, 2002 Posted "Portland Meander," a travelog about Portland. This experiment in "disjoint narrative" was so rigorous that I stood confused in an East Portland parking lot just because I felt that the message should match the medium. Or because I was an idiot. You decide.
Jan 18, 2002 I posted the all-too-aptly-named "The Very Boring 2001 Sailing Travelog." The main purpose of the page: When I ask, "What year was that--the year in which nothing much happened while I was sailing?" I can search the web and this page's title will remind me. Also, some Geoworks-related comments in the comment section. Those potential GEOS developers are getting antsy.
Jan 01, 2002 Happy new year! I've posted my Fave Reads for 2001 list. Also, a reader comment about X Japan.