New: Old (2001)

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Dec 21, 2001 A couple of new comments. I'm out of work. (Though I wasn't working for a dot-com, the company ran out of money anyhow.) I dusted off my resume and changed my contact information work phone number from "no phone yet" to "N/A". I suppose I should work on a 2001 Unemployed Travel Trilogy.
Nov 22, 2001 A couple of new comments. Rescued pages about MegaBrooce and some sailing travelogs from now-defunct web spaces on other sites. Made some corrections to the Washimore travelog: "Shepherd's College" is actually "Shepherd College"; it's not a junior college. In other news, the latest issue of Macros2000 has a little piece by me.
Sep 30, 2001 Some new reviews of Japanese Punk and Ska, including a little bit more in the review of Brahman. A new comment on the comment page.
Aug 29, 2001 Charles Choi took a photo of me so I put it on a page that has photos of me. He also took a picture of some sushi, and I tossed that in, too. Added a comment to the appropriate page. In other news, I've been very busy at work. I've also been teaching myself to use the 'vi' text editor. In fact, I used 'vi' to type in this very blob of text right here.
Aug 05, 2001 Wrote quick and sloppy mini-reviews of some Japanese ska and punk bands. Also, there are a couple of new comments in the comment section.
Jun 09, 2001 "You're a dickhead" in the comment section. Digging further through 1999 mail, found a lot more material relating to the Cake Pan. Also, a little bit about the Santa hat.
May 04, 2001 Two anecdotes salvaged from old emails: Cake Pan and Stir Fry.
I finished linking other pages to appropriate places in the comment section (which furthermore has a couple of new comments.
Apr 22, 2001 I reworked the comment page. Instead of trying to cram all the comments onto one huge page, I just have the headers; the entirety of each comment is now a click deeper. Also, set up some specialty comment pages so that people clicking the "comment" link from some sections get to see some topic comments, instead of seeing all the comments for the site. I didn't finish linking up these special pages. I was partway done, and then my parents invited me over to their place for some yummy Pakistani take-out food. I'll finish eventually.

Also, some anecdotes gleaned from mail I sent in 1999: Customer Feedback, in which I visit a MicroSoft store; Condiments, about flavoring agents; and Kool Thing, which is about the place of art in society.

Apr 7, 2001 Added a page to hold a couple of nice photos of me that didn't fit anywhere else. On the comment page, someone wants to know what NASA was using whale oil for. Four anecdotes which I dug up from mail I sent in 1999: PIHoF; Theremin Party; Impact!; and The Boxer.
Mar 17, 2001 Uploaded Ron and Sua Got Married, the final story of my 2000 Unemployed Travel Trilogy. You may recall that I also had a 1999 Unemployed Travel Trilogy. It would really be okay with me if I didn't have a 2001 Unemployed Travel Trilogy. Then again, I keep hearing about game companies having a hard time staying afloat, so who knows? Also: Second annual top-ten popular pages from this site on the comment page; New Mexico travelog now links to picture of stencil thanks to Mark Krohn.
Mar 3, 2001 Added Artificial Life in the Marketplace, a rambling essay about what I learned from writing a Prisoner's Dilemma genetic algorithm program. Fair warning: when I tell people about this stuff, their eyes glaze over. Why did I put this essay up on my web page? Not because I thought you wanted to read it. I put it up because it was the only way I could convince myself to stop talking to people about it (causing their eyes to glaze over). Added comments to the appropriate page. One of those comments suggested some corrections to the Loudon travelogue, so I fixed that up. It turns out that Knoxville does have some bookstores. Who'd have thunk it?
Jan 1, 2001 Happy new year! I posted a list of my Fave Reads of 2000, so that you can read something better than my web pages.